Stefan Badelt
California Institute of Technology
Moore Laboratory, Mail Stop 136-93
1200 E. California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125
Phone: (626) 350-6973 <gpg-key.asc>

I am a postdoc in Erik Winfree's "DNA and Natural Algorithms Group", Caltech. I develop a compiler framework for nucleic acid strand displacement systems, in order to make formalisms for molecular programming accessible to a large scientific community. The software combines system design with formal verification and it will use experimentally parameterized biophysical models of thermodynamic and kinetic nucleic acid folding.
I wrote my PhD thesis on "Control of RNA function by conformational design" under supervision of Ivo L. Hofacker at the Department of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna. Feel free to download my CV for more details.
July, 2018

Nucleic acids

Chemical reaction networks (CRNs)

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Caltech    National Science Foundation    National Science Foundation

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Theoretical Biochemistry Group    University of Vienna    FWF - Der Wissenschaftsfonds

My most recent CV can be downloaded here