David Doty


Note on author order: In most cases my co-authors and I have followed the common mathematics/theoretical computer science convention of alphabetically-ordered authors. Unlike the standard in some other areas of science, in my papers there is no lead author or second author or special place for a principal investigator. It's just alphabetical. See here, here, here, or here for more discussion of this convention. Exceptions are marked with [β].

Refereed Conference Papers

Journal Papers

Ph.D. Thesis

Invited Talks

  1. Deterministic function computation with chemical reaction networks.
    University of British Columbia, Department of Computer Science, Seminar Talk, September 2012.
    [ ODP | PDF ]

  2. Deterministic computation with chemical reaction networks.
    Aalto University, Department of Information and Computer Science, ICS Forum, June 2012.
    [ ODP | PDF ]

  3. Algorithmic self-assembly with DNA tiles.
    DNA 2011: Tutorial, 17th International Meeting on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming, September 2011.
    [ ODP | PPT ]

  4. The state of algorithmic self-assembly at Iowa State.
    FNANO 2010: 7th Annual Foundations of Nanoscience Conference, April 2010.
    [ ODP | PPT ]

  5. Coevolution and non-local adaptation in gridplants.
    Pioneer Hi-Bred Bioinformatics Group, March 2004.
    [ PDF | PS ]

Unrefereed Technical Reports

  1. David Doty.
    An oracle strongly separating deterministic time from nondeterministic time, via Kolmogorov complexity.
    Technical Report 1004.3993, Computing Research Repository, 2010.
    [ PDF | CoRR | BibTeX ]

  2. David Doty and Philippe Moser.
    Finite-state dimension and lossy decompressors.
    Technical Report cs.CC/0609096, Computing Research Repository, 2006.
    [ PDF | CoRR | BibTeX ]

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