Erik's Molecular Computation page: Journals

Some journals that may be interested in papers on molecular computation

Len Adleman recommends the JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY as the place to publish work on DNA computing.

  • The JOURNAL OF COMBINATORIAL OPTIMIZATION is asking for contributions to a Special Issue on Computational Molecular Biology, including "computing with biomolecules". Submission Deadline: August 15, 1998. Contacts Ying Xu (, Satoru Miyano (, Tom Head ( (See blurb.)
  • ALGORITHMICA has issued a call for papers : "Papers are solicited on all aspects of computational molecular biology or molecular computing." Submission deadline: June 1, 1997. Contacts: Ming-Yang Kao (, Dan Gusfield (
  • The CONSTRAINTS JOURNAL solicits papers on the use of constraints in bioinformatics, including DNA computing. Submission deadline: June 1, 1998.
  • BIOSYSTEMS lists "molecular computing technologies" among its suggested topics. (See blurb.)
  • IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION lists "molecular computing" among its suggested topics. (See blurb.)

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