Surface CRN Simulator

Written by Samuel Clamons.
This simulator is a companion to [1]. Simulates chemical reaction networks on a surface, as described by Lulu Qian and Erik Winfree in [2].
You can also run this simulator locally using the python package surface_crns.
For questions, comments, and/or bug reports, contact the author at at with "surface CRNs" in the subject line.

[1] Clamons S., Qian L., Winfree E. (2020) Programming and Simulating Chemical Reaction Networks on a Surface. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. (DOI)
[2] Qian L., Winfree E. (2014) Parallel and Scalable Computation and Spatial Dynamics with DNA-Based Chemical Reaction Networks on a Surface. DNA Computing and Molecular Programming. (DOI)

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Last updated July 2020