The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

Tilesetdesigner: a Software Package for DNA Tile System Design and Implementation

There will be a better package here soon! However, at present, the package does work. It installs like a typical Python package, with You need a reasonably modern Python 2 (or possibly 3) installation with standard scientific packages (scipy and numpy). You'll also need to install SpuriousDesign first, and have PepperCompiler and SpuriousDesign somewhere on your system. You should have SpuriousSSM on your path, and should specify the PepperCompiler directory location with $PEPPERPATH.

Once installed, the tilesetdesigner script will let you construct designs if you don't need to configure many options, and the tilesetdesigner Python library will allow for more detailed work.

For simulations, tilesetdesigner outputs stxg files, which are run by the xgrow-wrap wrapper, rather than xgrow directly.

At the moment, there is no documentation, and no documentation of the file format, but these will be added soon. There are a few examples in the examples folder, however.