Erik's Favorite Mosaic Links

Home Pages of friends and people who usually have interesting links:

Justin Boyan. Matt Cook (currently in Hungary). Other folks who went to the Budapest Summers in Mathematics. Paul W. K. Rothemund. Arthur Street, oddball. Sharon Laubach. Christina Hood. Tim Horiuchi, tinker aesthete. Grace Chang, neurobuf, TA for CNS286. Allen Knutson, without peer. Alyce Su. Stephanie Wukovitz. Mike Frank.

Dad. My cousin Kyle.

Wim's wavelets. Richard Mason, robot monger. Robert P. Fischer, yellow pigswain. Vincent Lefevre's 17 list. John Reif's hotlist. Samson Timoner, motivated Caltech undergraduate

RBJ's math & logic page. JRH's formal math dissertation.

NEATO club

Net resources:

Dictionary & Thesaurus Interface (also webster), and more services Dictionary of Computing

Stock Quotes & Graphs , DBC Online Quotes & Graphs , PAWWS Financial Info

FireFly associative network. Cern global index of WWW Servers, aka The World at Your Fingertips. NCSA Meta-Index of internet resources. MapQuest.

Society for Neuroscience. U. Michigan Neuroscience Resource. NIH. NSF. Patent info. Supercomputer info.

Funding info 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 NIH NSF

Toys, Puzzles, Neat Stuff

EcoSpheres (my favorite bookshelf ornament). World of Escher. IllusionWorks. NOAA Tide Tables. San Diego Ocean Resource. Tide Predictor. The Fish Information Service. The Caltech Aquaria page. Guitar Music. Note: The WEB grows fast. (Thanks to Netscape.)

Complex Systems, Artificial Life, etc.

Australian Complex Systems. Alex Mallet's Complex (Adaptive) Systems page. Avida Artificial Life Group (Caltech). Artificial Life at UCLA. Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems at Sussex. Artificial Life ONLINE (MIT Press). (also here). Evolutionary Computation Journal. Adaptive Behavior Journal. The Santa Fe Institute. Crutchfield, Mitchell, et al..

Genetic Programming, Genetic Algorithms, etc.

University of Texas genetic programming FTP site. Genetic Programming 96 conference. lil-gp. John Koza's Genetic Programming page. David Goldberg's Genetic Algorithms Lab. Michigan C GP system. Distributed Genesis GA. GP Bibliography. New GP Bibliography and Links. Evolutionary Computation resource page. Jeff Greenberg is working on a GP Go program. Eric (Astro) Teller.

Robots, Neural Networks, etc.

Jon Baxter. Support Vector machines. (Also at Bell Labs) Lorien Pratt's Task Transfer page. Robotics and Control at Boston University. MIT AI lab Web home page. The 6.270 LEGO Robot Design Competition. New IC Native compiler. Sonar <--> 6.270 example. Fred Martin's "handy-board" page. Georgia Tech Robot Lab. The BEAM robotics page (Mark Tilden's stuff). US&R's commercial insect robots. Robotics Internet Resources Page. Robotics Survey Page. Neuroprose FTP site. The Neural Net Speech Group at Carnegie Mellon. Jurgen Schmidhuber. Radford Neal, who among other things has a freeware Bayesian Learning NN package. Dr. Luc Steels' robot behavior evolution. Daphne Koller works on a computer science perspective to reasoning under uncertainty, with ties to game theory and economics. S. Lucas's growing neural networks with graph grammars. David Wolpert's stuff on statistics in neural network inference.

Physics, Computation, Machines, Molecules:

James Crutchfield (et al) work on Computational Mechanics. John Baez's physics page. IBM Almaden's STM Visuallization Lab. Nanotechnology. another nanotech page. Nanocomputer "Dream Team" home page. Xerox nanotech page & Foresight conference. Indiana University BioTech site. DOE Molecular Genetics Primer. Virtual Library: Biochem & Molecular Bio. Rockefeller University. MIT Information Mechanics. NCI Laboratory of Mathematical Biology, where Tom Schnieder works. Ned Seeman builds DNA structures. New England Biolabs. Genbank. EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Databank. The 100Kb Club (long DNA). Protein Data Bank. AMBER molecular modelling info. PPMAF, Caltech's protein and peptide micro analytical facility. SAF, Caltech's sequence analysis facility.

Zyvex, Jim Von Ehr's nanotech start-up, aiming at building an "assembler".

Programming Languages:

MIT Scheme Underground. Steve Omohundro recommends Sather.

Political info links:

Info about and from Ralph Nader. Justin's Political Infopage. UWSA, Ross Perot's organization (surprisingly informative). Democratic National Committee. Some random links.

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