Erik's SIRDS Collection


The frames:

A simplified pictorial explanation of the algorithm:

A history of the project:

These images are the result of a broad collaboration of many people, loosely connected through the Caltech Computer Graphics Lab.

Al Barr, Kurt Fleischer, and I hacked out our own versions of the SIRDS rendering algorithm.

The ray-tracing subsystem came from John Snyder's earlier work.

The MRI lobster data was obtained by David Laidlaw at the Caltech Human Brain Imaging Project.

The teapot data must have come from Utah, way back when...

It might not look like it, but actually producing the movie took a lot of effort on the part of Preston Pfarner, and, of course, all the above. With the support of everyone in the Graphics Group.

The end result was a SIRDS animation, which was shown at Siggraph 94, on a continuously operating display. We usually had a crowd :-)

I might make an MPEG of the movie available at some future date.

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