2004 Computing Beyond Silicon Summer School

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Can international students apply to CBSSS? International students are welcome to apply to CBSSS. Caltech will provide a traveling stipend of up to $500.00.

Q2 I am a UCLA student and my finals conflict with the CBS3 start dates. Is there a way for me not to miss the lectures? We regret that some of UCLA's final exams fall in the first week of CBS3. If any UCLA students are accepted to CBS3, we encourage them to change their final exam dates by making arrangements with their instructors.

Q3 Can graduate students apply to CBSSS? We welcome graduate students to apply to CBS3, however, preference will be given to undergraduate students.

Q4 Can high school students apply to CBS3? CBS3 is not open to high school students, however, we advise such students to build a strong foundation in basic sciences as well as mathematics.

Q5 If I get accepted to CBS3, is the acceptance binding? We will notify people of an offer to attend (our acceptance) by April 1, 2004, and expect students to reply to our offer (accept or decline at that time) by May 1, 2004.

Q6 Is there a registration fee? Students admitted to the program will not be responsible for any registration fee. That will be covered along with room, board, and travel.


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