2004 Computing Beyond Silicon Summer School

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Final Reports

To engage the students beyond the lectures, we asked them to self-organize into small project teams to expand on issues related to or motivated by the subject matter presented in lectures. The students had roughly three weeks to focus in on a topic and put together a brief report. This volume is a collection of the student reports. Almost none of the students were "experts" in the issues they studied when they entered the program. Nonetheless, these reports show the multi-disciplinary teams they assembled were able to dig deeply into a number of interesting problems and point out some promising directions for further inquiry.

Below are links to team and individual papers in PDF format. All team and individual papers are available in their entirety in a 191 page 5.2MB PDF.

Stabilizers and Simulating Entanglement (176 KB, 21 pages)
by Mark Howard (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)

Efficient Simulation of Stabilizer States Using the Graph State Approach (440 KB, 5 pages) by Ekaterina Taralova (University of Arizona), David Butler (UCLA), Albert Chang (University of California, Berkeley)

Quantum Computing with Quantum Dots (612 KB, 22 pages)
by Joon Ho Baek, Happy Hsin, Joshua LaForge, and Daniel Nedelcu

Branching in Biological Models of Computation (564 KB, 19 pages) by Bethany Andres-Beck (Smith University), Vera Bereg, (University of British Columbia), Stephanie Lee (Columbia University), Michael Lindmark (University of Washington), and Wojciech Makowiecki (AGH University of Science and Technology Jagiellonian University)

Four Steady State Switch Using Transcriptional Logic (220 KB, 10 pages) by Jessie Hsu (University of Washington), Wen Tao Luo (University of Notre Dame), and Khang Tran (University of California, Berkeley)

Novel Designs for Nano-scale Inductors (140 KB, 5 pages)
by Mary Pack, Rob Figueiredo, Ben Gojman, Nikil Mehta, Eric Rachlin, and Dom Rizzo

Towards Biomimetic Computing in Machine Vision (424 KB, 20 pages) by Tara Chowdhury, Emmanouela Filippidi, Chris Friel, Varun Ganapathi, Jenny Liu, and Vikash Mansinghka

DNA Directed Construction of High Yield 2-D Nanowire Arrays (68 KB, 7 pages) by Armand Vartanian, Dave Kromrey, Jeremy Pett, Maya Lowell, and Axar Kharebov

Large-scale Nano-PLA Meshes with Efficient Logic Mapping (72 KB, 4 pages) by Kumar Jeev (Coastal Carolina University), Paolo Codenotti ( University of Chicago), Vivek Rajkumar (University of Washington), and Akhsar Kharebov (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Y-Junctin Carbon Nanotube Implementation of Intramolecular Electronic NAND Gate (680 KB, 24 pages) by Benjamin Gojman, Happy Hsin, Joe Liang, Natalia Nezhdanova, and Jasmin Saini

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