2004 Computing Beyond Silicon Summer School

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Dave Bacon
Caltech, Institute for Quantum Information (IQI) Postdoctoral Scholar

Yaakov Benenson
PhD student, Depts. of Computer Science & Applied Mathematics and Biological Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Marc Bockrath
Caltech, Assistant Professor of Applied Physics

Isaac Chuang
MIT, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences

André DeHon
Caltech, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Raissa D'Souza
Microsoft Research

Michelle Effros
Caltech, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Michael Elowitz
Caltech, Assistant Professor of Biology and Applied Physics Bren Scholar

Chris Fuchs
Bell Labs

Péter Gács
Boston University, Professor of Computer Science

James R. Heath
Caltech, Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry

Poul Jessen
University of Arizona, Professor of Optical Sciences

Thomas F. Knight, Jr.
MIT, Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Dietrich Leibfried
National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST)/Boulder

Hideo Mabuchi
Caltech, Associate Professor of Physics

Alain Martin
Caltech, Professor of Computer Science

David Meyer
Math faculty, UC San Diego

John Preskill
Caltech, John D. MacArthur Professor of Theoretical Physics

John Savage
Brown University, Professor of Computer Science

Thanos Siapas
Caltech, Assistant Professor of Computation and Neural Systems; Bren Scholar

Greg Snider
Hewlett Packard

Paul Sternberg
Caltech, Professor of Biology

Chris Umans
Caltech, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Deli Wang
Materials department at UC Santa Barbara

Erik Winfree
Caltech, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Computation and Neural Systems

Bernard Yurke
Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

Chongwu Zhou
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, USC


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