The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

Alumni Past


Chris Thachuk
Banting Research Fellow (CMS, 2014-2020); previously (PhD, CS, U. British Columbia, 2012); now asst. prof. in CSE at UW
theoretical computer science, string algorithms, DNA strand displacement, chemical reaction networks, energy landscapes
Robert Johnson
PhD (BE, 2014-2020) co-mentored with Lulu Qian; previously (Bachelor's, Biology, Caltech, 2014); soon to be postdoc with Anne Condon (U British Columbia)
chemical reaction networks, DNA strand displacement, verification, bisimulation, complexity theory, impossibility proofs
Stefan Badelt
Postdoctoral Fellow (BE 2016-2020); previously (PhD, Molecular Biology, U. Vienna, 2016); now postdoc with Ivo Hofacker at U. Vienna
theoretical biology, RNA secondary structure and kinetics, co-transcriptional folding, energy landscapes, sequence design, molecular programming compilers
Frits Dannenberg
Postdoctoral Fellow (CMS 2016-2018); previously (PhD, Computer Science, Oxford, 2016); now Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
applied mathematics, verification, nucleic acid self-assembly and folding kinetics
Damien Woods
Senior Research Fellow (CMS 2009-2016); previously (PhD, CS, NUI Maynooth, 2005); researcher at INRIA Paris; now Prof. of Computer Science, NUI Maynooth
models of computation, self-replication and origin of life, algorithmic self-assembly
Dave Doty
Senior Research Fellow (CMS, 2010-2015); previously (PhD, CS, Iowa State U., 2009); now Asst. Prof. of Computer Science, UC Davis
theoretical computer science, self-assembly, chemical reaction networks
Niranjan Srinivas
PhD (CNS, 2015); previously (Master's, Math & Computational Science, IIT Kanpur, 2008); postdoc at UC Berkeley; now at 10X Genomics
machine learning, DNA strand displacement systems, synthetic developmental biology
Constantine Evans
Postdoctoral Researcher (BE, 2015); PhD (Physics, 2014); now at Evans Foundation (and frequent visiting researcher)
algorithmic self-assembly, DNA sequence design, physics
Joseph Schaeffer
PhD (CS, 2013) and MS (CS, 2012); now at Autodesk Research, Bio/Nano Programmable Matter group
simulating DNA secondary structure thermodynamics and kinetics
Lulu Qian
Postdoc (BE, 2008-2013) co-mentored with Shuki Bruck; now Prof. of Bioengineering, Caltech
DNA strand displacement circuits, biochemical learning, molecular robots
Qing Dong
MS (CS, 2012 from SUNY Stony Brook) co-advised with Steven Skiena; now at Epic Systems, Wisconsin
bisimulation verification of chemical reaction network implementations
Ho-Lin Chen
CMI and MPP postdoctoral fellow (2007-2011); now Assoc. Prof. of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
theoretical computer science, algorithmic game theory, self-assembly, chemical reaction networks
Seung Woo Shin
MS (CS, 2011); was graduate student at UC Berkeley with Umesh Vazirani; now at Google
theoretical computer science, chemical reaction networks, quantum computing
Rizal Hariadi
PhD (APh, 2011); was postdoc at U Michigan with Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan, then at Harvard with Peng Yin; now Asst. Prof. of Physics, Arizona State U
biophysics, microscopy, self-assembly, molecular motors
Elisa Franco
PhD (CDS, 2011) co-mentored with Richard Murray; now Assoc. Prof. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCLA
control theory, biological feedback circuits, cell-free synthetic circuits, self-assembly
Dave Zhang
PhD (CNS, 2010); now Assoc. Prof. of Bioengineering at Rice U.
DNA strand displacement circuits, biophysics, diagnostics
Peng Yin
CBCD and MPP postdoctoral fellow (2005-2009) co-mentored with Niles Pierce; now Prof. of Systems Biology, Harvard.
DNA nanotechnology, molecular programming, synthetic biology
Georg Seelig
CBCD postdoctoral fellow (2003-2009); now Assoc. Prof. of EE, CSE, and BE at U. Washington.
dynamic DNA nanotechnology, molecular programming, synthetic biology, quantitative biology
Paul Rothemund
BI and CPI postdoctoral fellow (2002-2007); now Research Professor at Caltech.
DNA origami, algorithmic self-assembly, nanofabrication
231 Moore, x5795,
David Soloveichik
PhD (CNS, 2008); now Asst. Prof. of Electrical & Computer Engineering at UT Austin.
DNA nanotechnology, molecular programming, self-assembly, chemical reaction networks, machine learning
Sung Ha Park
CPI postdoctoral fellow (2005-2007); now Assoc. Prof. of Physics at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
DNA nanotechnology, self-assembly
Rebecca Schulman
PhD (CNS, 2007); now Assoc. Prof. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins
biomimetic engineering, DNA nanotechnology, self-assembly, pattern formation
Jongmin Kim
PhD (Biology, 2007); postdocs at Caltech with Richard Murray and at Harvard with Peng Yin; now Asst. Prof. at POSTECH, Korea
synthetic cell-free biochemical circuits

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