The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

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Mohini Misra Undergraduate research, BE/CS (2022-2023, surface CRN constraint satisfaction) ----
Aman Bhargava Graduate student, BE (rotations 2023, programmable liquid-liquid phase separation) ----
Lucinda Acosta Administrative Assistant (2011-2022) retired
JS Paul Undergraduate SURF (2022, surface CRN constraint satisfaction --*--
Philippa Richter Undergraduate SURF (2021, stochastic CRNs for graph coloring ----
Tony Rojko High school researcher (2015-2019, tile self-assembly in 3D, aTAM and kTAM, error rates, proofreading) accepted at Caltech for undergraduate studies
Gabe Salmon Graduate student, BE (rotations 2018-2019) Rob Phillips's group, Caltech
Bijan Mazaheri Graduate student, CMS (rotations 2017-2018) Shuki Bruck's group, Caltech
Michael Zellinger Graduate student, CMS (rotations 2017-2018)
Mike Flynn Graduate student, BMB (rotations 2017-2018) Caltech Applied Physics, Bellan group
Joseph Berleant Undergraduate researcher (SURF 2015-2016, Multistrand Simulations) bioengineering grad, Mark Bathe's group, MIT
Nicholas Schiefer Undergraduate researcher (SURF 2015-2016, CRN-TAM) computer science grad, Theory of Computing Group, MIT
Chigozie Nri Graduate student, BE (rotations, 2015-2016) Lulu Qian's lab, Caltech
Sam Clamons Graduate student, BE (rotations, 2014-2015) Richard Murray's lab, Caltech
James Parkin Graduate student, BE (rotations, 2014-2015) Richard Murray's lab, Caltech
Masa Ono Undergraduate researcher (2014-2015) Caltech
Janis Hesse Graduate student, CNS (rotations, 2013-2014) Doris Tsao's lab, Caltech
Aakash Indurkhya UG SURF, CS+BEM, 2013 Virtualitics
Xander Rudelis Summer undergraduate researcher, 2013 Descartes Labs
Zibo Chen UG SURF 2011, visitor summer 2013 Biochemistry grad, Baker group, U. Washington
Shayan Doroudi UG SURF 2011, visitor summer 2013 Graduate student, CMU
Joy Hui Visiting UG SURF from Harvard, 2013 Undergraduate student, Harvard
Dhiraj Holden UG SURF, 2013 computer science grad, MIT
Moya Chen UG SURF, 2012 Facebook
Doris Xin UG, Sr. Thesis, 2012 LinkedIn
Felix Zhou Visiting UG SURF from Cambridge UK, 2012 quantitative biology grad, Oxford
Yae Lim Lee UG SURF 2010, 2011, Sr. Thesis graduate student, UC San Diego
Sarah Wittman UG SURF 2011 Undergrad Student, Caltech
Greg Izatt UG SURF 2011 robotics grad, MIT
Chris Berlind UG SURF 2009, 2010 computer science grad, Georgia Tech -> Oncora Medical
Karthik Sarma UG SURF 2009 MD/PhD, UCLA
Shawn Ligocki MPP Programmer (BS, Caltech 2008, SURF 2007) Google
Chris Kennelly UG SURF 2010 Grad student, CSE, UW
Joshua Loving Visiting UG SURF from U Hawaii, 2009, 2010 Graduate student, Boston University
Talia Weiss UG SURF 2009, 2010 Undergrad Student, Caltech
Tosan Omabegho Postdoctoral Researcher 2009-2010 Postdoc, Zev Bryant's lab at Stanford
Adam Shai Graduate Student, BE (rotations, 2009-2010) Koch Lab
Amy Proctor UG SURF 2009 Bioengineering grad, Stanford
Pakpoom Subsoontorn UG SURF 2005-2006 bioengineering grad, Stanford --> Haseloff group, U Cambridge --> Lecturer, Naresuan University, Thailand
Esther Shyu UG SURF 2007
Daniel Guetta Visiting UG SURF from MIT, 2008
Jian Fung UG SURF 2007
Kevin Tjho UG SURF 2007
Yudistira Virgus Visiting UG SURF from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, 2007 physics grad, College of William and Mary
Jing Chen UG SURF 2005 Graduate student, Stanford
Alex Huth UG researcher, summer 2005 neuroscience grad, UC Berkeley --> assistant prof, neuroscience & computer science, UT Austin
Jon Seitel UG SURF 2005
Christina Wright UG SURF 2005-2006
Eric Stansifer UG SURF 2006 Environmental Science graduate student, MIT
Sidney Cox Graduate student, CNS (rotations, 2001-2002) Synthetic Biology, Tokyo
Sarina Mohanty Research Assistant Caltech biochemistry alum (graduated 2008)
Jason Rolfe Graduate student, CNS (rotations, 2003-2004) D-Wave Systems, Quantum Machine Learning
Casimir Wierzynski Graduate student, CNS (rotations, 2003-2004) Postdoc, Thanos Siapas's group --> Intel
Hanwen Yan UG research student 2004
Renat Bekbolatov UG, SURF 2002
Shaun Lee UG 2001, SURF 2002-2003
Jeremy Leibs SURF 2002-2003
Milo Lin SURF 2002 w/ Pierce group
Eric Morganson Undergraduate
Kristin Shantz SURF 2003
Dan Stick SURF 2001 and 2000 w/ Mabuchi group U Michigan physics grad
Neha Soni SURF 2001
Gene Carter Staff Programmer, Summer 2002 Ricoh IT
Christine Ortega Administrative Assistant with Steven Low's Lab
Nick Papadakis Scientist and Lab Manager, 2001-2003

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