The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

Alumni Past

*Past and Future Visitors*

Arvind Murugan
Physics, University of Chicago (visitor 2019)
biophysics, learning without neurons, evolution, multifarious self-assembly, proofreading
Constantine Evans
Evans Foundation, San Diego (frequent visitor 2014-2022)
algorithmic self-assembly, DNA sequence design, physics
Anne Condon
Prof. of CS, U. British Columbia (visiting October, 2015 through February, 2016)
theoretical computer science, chemical reaction networks, nucleic acid secondary structure thermodynamics and kinetics
Nasim Zolaktaf
Graduate student in CS, U. British Columbia (visiting October to December, 2015)
machine learning, bioinformatics, nucleic acid secondary structure thermodynamics and kinetics
216a Moore, x6871,
Bernard Yurke
Materials Science, Boise State U. (Moore Visiting Scholar 2003-2004 and often thereafter)
Quantum optics, DNA nanotechnology, biophysics, origin of life
Matt Cook
Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH Zurich (unpredictable visits)
Neural computation, machine learning, models of computation, cellular automata
Yannick Rondelez
Assoc. Professor, U. Tokyo & CNRS Researcher (visiting February-March 2014)
information-processing chemical systems
Craig T. Martin
Professor of Chemistry, U. Mass (visiting January-July 2013)
RNA polymerases
Pierre-Etienne Meunier
Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar (May-August 2013)
Cellular automata, self-assembly
Jack Lutz
Professor of Computer Science, Iowa State U. (visiting January-February 2012)
theoretical computer science, complexity theory, self-assembly
Robyn Lutz
Professor of Computer Science, Iowa State U. (visiting January-February 2012)
software engineering, computational biology, molecular programming
Si-ping Han
Goddard Group (collaborator 2006-2010)
Computational chemistry, carbon nanotubes, DNA nanotechnology
Kenichi (Ken) Fujibayashi
Visiting Graduate Student, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2006)
DNA nanotechnology, algorithmic self-assembly
Maria Neimark Geffen
Visiting Student (2001); now Asst. Prof. of Neuroscience
fault tolerant chemical circuits

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