The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

Alumni Past

*Current Members*

Erik Winfree
Professor of CMS, CNS, and BE
Algorithms in Nature
204b Moore, x6246,
Gabrielle Weise
Administrative Assistant
162b Moore, x4715,
Cameron Chalk
Postdoc, BE (BS & MS, Computer Science, UT Pan-Am / Rio Grand Valley, 2015/2017; PhD, ECE, UT Austin, 2022)
tile self-assembly theory, strand displacement circuits, CRNs, neural networks
204d Moore,
Yancheng Du
Postdoc, BE (Mechanical Engingeering, Tsinghua, 2017; PhD, Mechanical Engingeering, Purdue, 2023)
molecular motors, DNA origami, DNA condensates
204c Moore,
Salvador Buse
Graduate Student, BE (BA & MSci, Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2020)
systems & synthetic biology, pattern formation & morphogenesis
210c Moore, x6994,
Matthew Plazola
Rotating Graduate Student, BE (BS, Biochemistry, Cal State Long Beach, 2023)
molecular programming, synthetic biology
104C Keck,
Binglun Shao
Rotating Graduate Student, BE (BSE, Chemical & Biological Sciences, Princeton, 2022)
neural networks, machine learning, biological modeling, development
210a Moore,
Inhoo Lee
Undergraduate Student, CS
biomolecular Boltzmann machines
210b Moore,

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