The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group

Alumni Past

*Current Members*

Erik Winfree
Professor of CMS, CNS, and BE
Algorithms in Nature
204b Moore, x6246,
Lucinda Acosta
Administrative Assistant
204c Moore, x5707,
Chris Thachuk
Banting Research Fellow, CMS (PhD, CS, U. British Columbia, 2012)
theoretical computer science, string algorithms, DNA strand displacement, chemical reaction networks, energy landscapes
122 Annenberg, x1769,
Stefan Badelt
Postdoctoral Fellow, BE (PhD, Molecular Biology, U. Vienna, 2016)
theoretical biology, RNA secondary structure and kinetics, energy landscapes, sequence design, molecular programming compilers
210b Moore, x6994,
Robert Johnson
Graduate Student, BE (Bachelor's, Biology, Caltech, 2014) -- joint with Qian lab
chemical reaction networks, DNA strand displacement, verification, complexity theory
216a Moore, x6871,
Andrés Ortiz-Muñoz
Graduate Student, Bio (Bachelor's, U Texas El Paso, 2014)
stochastic chemical reaction networks, theory of self-assembly, models of development
210a Moore, x6994,
William Poole
Graduate Student, CNS (Bachelor's, Biological physics, Brown University, 2013) -- joint with Murray lab
biochemical systems and information processing, machine learning, stochastic behavior
210c Moore, x6994,
Tony Rojko
Stanford Online High School
Tile self-assembly in 3D, aTAM and kTAM, error rates, proofreading

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