The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group:


Reference details for DNA Computing conference proceedings:

DNA Based Computers: DIMACS Workshop, held April 4, 1995 (eds Richard J. Lipton and Eric B. Baum) American Mathematical Society, 1996.

DNA Based Computers II: DIMACS Workshop, held June 10-12, 1996 (eds Laura F. Landweber and Eric B. Baum) American Mathematical Society, 1998.

DNA Based Computers III: DIMACS Woskhop, held June 23-25, 1997 (eds Harvey Rubin and David H. Wood) American Mathematical Society, 1999.

Proceedings of the Fourth DIMACS Meeting on DNA Based Computers, held at the University of Pennsylvania, June 16-19, 1998. (never published as a book.)

DNA Based Computers V: DIMACS Workshop, held June 14-15, 1999. (eds. Erik Winfree and David K. Gifford) American Mathematical Society, 2000.

DNA Based Computers VI: held June 13-17, 2000. (eds. Anne Condon and Grzegorz Rozenberg) Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2054, Springer, 2001.

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